About Us

          Our hospital was opened in 1950 with the name of Van State Hospital, as a single block, with a capacity of 50 beds. In parallel with the population growth rate and development of the region, it has served with a capacity of 419 beds in a closed area of 25.000 𝑚2 in the city center. Since September 2011, it has continued its activities as Van Training and Research Hospital with 700 beds. By incorporating İpekyolu Gynecology and Childhood Hospital with 634 beds on May 2, 2016, it continued to serve as the Health Sciences University Van Training and Research Hospital with 1,334 beds.
         Our hospital, which plays the role of A2, addresses a population of 1,100,190 people throughout the province. Our hospital, located in the Second Health Service Region covering the provinces of Van, Hakkari, Muş and Bitlis, serves a population of 2,358,809. Our hospital provides service in five different buildings in four different campuses. Our Main Building and Gynecology-Child-KVC Annex Building serve in the same campus. İpekyolu Annex Building, Pier Building and TRSM Building serve in different locations in the city center. As of 2018, our hospital continues to serve our people with 1,500 Total Beds, 1,485 Qualified Beds, 283 Polyclinic Rooms, 160 Intensive Care Beds, 90 Incubators, 26 Operating Tables and World Class 3rd Stage Emergency Service.
        Structuring studies continue in accordance with the mission and vision of our hospital; It also includes specialized health services such as Angiography Unit, Nuclear Medicine Unit, Interventional Radiology Unit, Perinatology Clinic, Gynecological Oncology Surgery, Kidney Stone Breaking Center, Burn Center, Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Radiation Oncology, Gastroenterology Surgery, Genetic Diseases Evaluation Center, Hemodialysis Unit, Smoking Cessation Polyclinic, Diabetes Education Center, Pregnant School, AMATEM, ÇEMATEM, Dialysis Unit, Palliative Care Unit, Community Mental Health Center.
         Health Sciences University Van Training and Research Hospital has been working to meet the increasing health needs of the society with the most advanced technology and medical facilities since its establishment. It provides health services to approximately 8000-9000 polyclinic patients and 1000-1500 emergency room patients per day by using modern hospital facilities and qualified health manpower capacity. An average of 60,000 surgeries are performed annually, 2% of the surgeries are major surgeries in group A and 10% in group B. Health Sciences University Van Training and Research Hospital continues to serve with its qualified manpower capacity, with 388 Specialist Physicians, 136 Practitioners, 1385 Nurses, 248 Midwives and 1723 auxiliary health services personnel.
          Health Sciences University Van Training and Research Hospital; In addition to its qualified workforce, large and modern physical capacity and advanced technological medical applications, it displays a patient safety, patient satisfaction, clinical efficiency and patient employee-oriented approach, and strives to provide services not only in its region but also within the scope of international health tourism. is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading healthcare institution.