Mom and Baby

Pregnant School

     The goal of our pregnant school, which serves within our hospital; is to ensure that expectant mothers have a more conscious and enjoyable pregnancy period.  Afterwards, she aims to help her give birth comfortably and easily and to have a safe motherhood period.

    As a baby-friendly hospital; We aim to reach the standards of an effective, preferred hospital that has international standards in obstetrics services, is open to scientific and contemporary developments, increases the success of normal birth and breast milk for expectant mothers, prevents complications.

     The aim of our training is to prepare pregnant women emotionally and physically for birth and postpartum. For this purpose, our trainings are organized in the form of "Pregnant Education and Exercise Program" for four weeks, and a certificate ceremony is held at the end of the training.


1. Pregnancy Process

  • Developmental stages of the baby in the womb
  •  Physiological and psychological changes in the mother

2. Nutrition During Pregnancy

  • Appropriate diet list prepared by our dieticians
3. Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Exercises to be done during pregnancy
  •  Exercises to facilitate childbirth

4. Breathing Exercises

  • Correct breathing and relaxation techniques
5. Birth Process
  • Preparing the delivery bag
  •  Normal delivery
  • Coping with labor pains
  •  Caesarean section

6. Breastfeeding

  • Formation and importance of breast milk
  •  Breastfeeding technique

7. Postpartum Period

  • Nutrition during the postpartum period
  • Matters to be considered in the postpartum period

8. Newborn Care

  • First care of newborn
  •  Baby bath
  •  Newborn massage

28 Nisan 2023