Health Tourism Goals


     International health tourism; It covers all the activities performed by patients in a different country other than the country they live in and belong to, in order to benefit from medical treatment procedures that are specially planned and invoiced for them. In the globalizing world, the differentiation of health services, the increase in specific surgical procedures, the diversity of aesthetic operations, the problems experienced in the health systems of countries and the expectation of low-cost and quality service of people increase the number of trips made for treatment or care purposes day by day.

    We think that individuals in need of health care have the right to access quality health care without waiting for long periods and paying high economic costs. As SBU.Van Training and Research Hospital, it is our main goal to provide health services at international standards to the patients who will reach us not only within the borders of our country, but also in our nearby geography and all over the world.

   We provide a service that covers all patient processes such as admission, registration, diagnosis, treatment, billing, discharge, post-discharge follow-up, and interpreting for our guests who come to our country and who need health services while they are in our country.



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