Mom and Baby

Baby-Friendly Hospital

      Baby-friendly hospital is a concept that has entered our lives with the program initiated by the Ministry of Health. The biggest aim of this program, which was started in 1991, is to ensure that breastfeeding becomes successful and permanent with the "Promoting Breastmilk and Baby-Friendly Hospitals Programme".

       Hospitals that inform expectant mothers about breast milk and breastfeeding from pregnancy onwards, enable mothers to breastfeed their babies immediately after birth, and assist mothers on how to breastfeed their babies with up-to-date trained health personnel in hospitals where maternity services are provided receive the title of 'Baby Friendly Hospital'.Our hospital was given the title of "Baby Friendly Hospital" by the Ministry of Health in 2018. Since 2018, breastfeeding counseling training has been given to all personnel as a "Baby Friendly Hospital" on a regular basis.

      The aim of our hospital is to ensure that all newborn babies receive breast milk. In addition, it is to strengthen the mother-infant relationship by providing a problem-free breastfeeding period with the trainings given to mothers.

     Our hospital, which has the title of "Baby-Friendly Hospital" since 2018, provides services within the scope of "Promotion of breast milk and baby-friendly health institutions program", the main purpose of which is to protect, encourage and support breastfeeding, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health. gives.Within the framework of this program, it is recommended that mothers should be breastfed for the first 6 months, starting from the pregnancy period, and then breast-feeding babies up to 2 years of age with appropriate complementary feeding.With our mother hotel service, babies are prevented from being separated from their mothers and the continuity of mother-infant union and breastfeeding is ensured.

28 Nisan 2023