Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Health Tourism?
* Health tourism is the use of health and tourism opportunities by people traveling to another country from their place of residence for the purpose of protecting and improving health or treating diseases. The person traveling for this purpose is called a health tourist. In the past, this term was generally used as visits to health centers in developed countries from underdeveloped countries, but today international patient circulation has begun to change direction. Health tourists from developed countries also go to other countries due to affordable prices and alternative treatment opportunities.
2. How long will my treatment process take?
* By sending us your relevant information from the e-communication area, we will ensure that you receive information quickly about the treatment process you will receive. Thus, we will be able to create an approximate program about the time you will spend in our institution during your treatment process.
3. How do I solve the language problem?
*As SBU.  Van Training and Research Hospital, we will provide an interpreter service that knows your social and cultural characteristics with our translators in Arabic, Persian and English languages for your communication needs.
4. What are the documents and items I need during my treatment process?
* You must bring all kinds of documents, reports, documents containing information about your health problem.
5. What are the reasons why patients prefer SBU. Van Training and Research Hospital for treatment?
* Having a large number of units with high comfort and quality standards,
* Having a large number of experienced specialist doctors,
 *We have the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate,
 * Our hospital is in a location where historical and natural beauties are abundant,
 * Having a general understanding of hospitality,