Our hospital

Our History

  • Our hospital was opened in 1950 under the name of Van State Hospital with a single block 50 bed capacity.
  • Parallel to the population growth rate and development of the region, a block was built on average every ten years and it served with a capacity of 419 beds in a closed area of 25.000 m2 in the city center.
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  • Since September 2011, it has continued its activities as Van Training and Research Hospital with 700 beds.
  • As a result of the Van earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 that occurred on October 23 and November 11, 2011, the İpekyolu Gynecology and Pediatrics Hospital and the High Specialization Hospital buildings in different campuses were damaged.
  • By incorporating the 634-bed Ipekyolu Gynecology and Pediatrics Hospital on May 2, 2016, it continued to serve as the Health Sciences University Van Training and Research Hospital with 1,334 beds.
  • In accordance with the Decree Law No. 667 on 24.07.2016, the 240-bed Private Istanbul Hospital Gynecology and Surgery Center has been designated as İpekyolu Annex Building.,
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  • In accordance with the Decree Law No. 669 on 26.08.2016, the 53-bed Van Military Hospital was incorporated into our hospital as the Pier Building.
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  • As a result of the mergers realized in accordance with the Decree Laws, our bed number, which was 1,334, reached 1627 registered beds.
  • Our hospital, which plays the role of A2, addresses a population of 1,100,190 throughout the province.
  • Our hospital, which is located in the 2nd Health Service Region, which includes the provinces of Van, Hakkari, Muş, Bitlis, and Patnos and Doğubayazıt districts of Ağrı province, serves a population of 2,358,809.
  • Our hospital provides service in 5 different buildings in 4 different campuses.
  • Our Main Building and Gynecology-Child-KVC Annex Building serve in the same campus.
  • İpekyolu Annex Building, Pier Building and TRSM Building serve in different locations in the city center.

Our hospital as of 2018.
1.500 Total Beds
1.485 Qualified Bed
   283 Polyclinic Rooms
   160 Number of Intensive Care Beds
     67 Incubators
     26 Operating Table
It continues to serve our people with its 204.269 square meter closed area and World Class 3rd Level Emergency Service.

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