Our hospital "Heart Center" gives confidence

   The heart center, which was established in the SBU Van Training and Research Hospital, which serves approximately 3 million patients in the Eastern Anatolia Region, has made a name for itself with the successful treatment methods that have been made recently. Finally, TEVAR was applied to the patient named Abdullah Tasan (53), father of 6 children, who had a main vessel rupture, and EVAR to the patient named Hacı Çiçek (66), the father of 8 children, who had vascular enlargement. Cardiovascular Surgery Op. Dr. As a result of the TEVAR and EVAR procedures applied by Murat Sezgin, both patients regained their health. "Two patients were successfully treated" Hospital Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Remzi Sarıkaya stated that they continue to serve the provinces of the region with the heart center. Chief Physician Sarikaya, who stated that the patients in the region requiring advanced intervention were referred to the heart center, said, “There were a few applications that were not done in our center, we started them as well. One of them was the EVAR and TEVAR application. EVAR and TEVAR are methods of intervention for cracked or enlarged veins without the need for any surgery.

   Cardiovascular Surgery Op. Dr. Murat Sezgin successfully treated two of our patients. These are comfortable and have a serious impact on the health of the patient. We do not want any of our patients to be referred to another unit from here. We want him to receive all kinds of treatment in his own city and in his own hospital.” “We will discharge both of our patients” Expressing that both patients are in good health, Cardiovascular Surgery Op. Dr. Murat Sezgin said, “Our first patient applied to the hospital emergency department due to vascular rupture. Our patient presented with the complaint of severe back and chest pain. Our patient was diagnosed with hypertensive heart disease 4 years ago. Our patient, whose treatment was started, did not use his medication. When we took over, his blood pressure was around 200. We started the treatment quickly and took our patient to the intensive care unit. In the evening, we performed the TEVAR procedure in the groin and accompanied by angiography. Our second patient with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm had 'bubbles in the abdominal vein' as it is known among the people. We have been following this patient for 5-6 months. We also applied the EVAR procedure to this patient. Both of our patients did not have any problems. We will discharge both of our patients who are treated," he said. The patients who regained their health after the EVAR and TEVAR procedures, thanked the doctor who performed the operation and the hospital management.