Our 'Pediatric Intensive Care Unit' Brings Hope to the Region with the latest technological devices and its team!

   Our hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care service provides health services to approximately 700 pediatric patients annually in single rooms equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices. The unit, where "Hemodialysis, plasma exchange and EKMO" services are provided, has also prevented out-of-province referrals. The Chief Physician of our hospital, Assoc. Dr. Remzi Sarıkaya stated that they are making an intense effort to make the hospital an important health base of the region. Chief Physician Sarıkaya stated that there is a high population of children in the region and that is why units such as pediatric intensive care and newborns are among their priorities, "Our pediatric intensive care unit serves the region. Despite all this, we are trying to expand our intensive care unit. Our 24-bed capacity has recently increased to 30. We will also set up a palliative unit where intensive care patients can leave after their treatment is completed. We take patients from outside the province and we do not send any of our patients outside the province. We have not made any referrals from our hemodialysis unit recently. We also receive patients from very distant provinces outside the region for this unit. Besides, there is an earthquake. We also continue our services to children coming from the region," he said.

    Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist Doctor Edin Botan, who stated that they do not have to send pediatric patients outside the province anymore, said, "Patients go through a lot of procedures. We have done hemodialysis, plasma exchange and EKMO treatments for nearly 70 patients in about a year and a half. All our rooms are made up of one person. "There is an intense monthly patient circulation. Previously, we had to send these patients out of the province, but now we accept patients from abroad," he said.

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